Hideyo's Roadcam
Quebec Summer Festival - Quebec City, CANADA - 07/15/2006

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Plaines d' Abraham

CGT plays at Plaines d' Abraham at 7:30pm tonight and could be 4th time to play at Quebec Summer Festival. It is a very nice season to be at Quebec City.

Set Up

We came to stage around 11:30am to set up gear. Tyler is far back behind the mixing disk, hard to communicate but trust him for good sound.

Sound Check

We did sound check with Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman from Yes to perform with them. It is very nice to play with Jon and Rick, very special feeling.

For Orchestra

Behind the white curtain, they set up the chairs and mikes for Orchestra to play with Rick Wakeman. Wow! Very spectacular show.

CGT plus Tony on stage

CGT started at 7:30 pm and played three pieces and Tony joined for 4 pieces for performance. Tony postponed his Mexican tour in order to join us. Thank you, Tony.

Thank You!

Very, very nice audiences they are at Plaines d' Abraham! Thank you for coming and see you again!

CGT with Jon

End of CGT set, Jon Anderson came on stage and we played his Guitar Concerto Uno together and turn into Jon's Set.

Jon Anderson Set

Jon played some pieces by himself, some pieces with Rick Wakeman on Piano. In the middle of Jon's Set, CGT and Tony went back to stage and played "Heart of the Sunrise" together. It was special to play with Jon and Rick this piece.

Rich Wakeman Set

After Jon's set, Rick Wakeman played with his band and Orchestra. The program called "Return to the center of the Earth". It is a Rock Symphony and we enjoyed to watch, specially the fire works.

Food of the Day

I was eating at Vegetarian place a lot by myself during the Quebec days. It was very good and cheap and fast.

Hotel of the Day

We stay at Hilton Hotel in Quebec City for rehearsals and performance days. It was nice to stay one place for a while.

Travelin' Musician

I took flight at 9 am from Medford, OR and arrived after midnight at Quebec on July 11th, a long day. Then, leave Quebec at 5:45am to Japan on July 17th. A long, long flights await.