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Eddie's Attic - Decater, GA - 05/01/2007

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Eddie's Attic

We play tonight at Eddie's Attic tonight. We played in Atlanta several times in the past, but this is first time to play at here. Let's see how it goes.

Set Up

We loaded in at 5 pm and started to set up our gear.

Sound Check

After some difficulty solved, sound check went smooth and now ready to play.

Jeff Duke and his wife

Good friend of us, Jeff from Crimson News web master volunteer for selling our merchandise tonight. Thank you!

Back Stage

Very tiny back stage? we had tonight. We left our guitar cases near stage because not much space here.

Thank you!

Very, very nice audiences they are at Eddie's Attic! Thank you for coming and see you again!

Set Lists

This is set lists from tonight. We change the pieces here and there.

Food of the Day

(Apr. 30)
Mark and Christine made a wonderful dinner for us and good bottle of wines. Away from road food is nice. Thank you!

House of the Day

(Apr. 30&May 1)
We stayed at our friends, Mark and Christine's house in Atlanta. 4 bedrooms with bathrooms for guests and a pool. (Is this set a standard for staying someone's house?) Thank you for inviting us and we surely had good time here!

Travelin' Musician

(Apr. 30)
We drove 220 miles from Asheville to Atlanta on Apr. 30 and had night off.