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Erbprinz Hotel Ballroom - Ettlingen, Germany - 09/17/2008

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Hotel-Restaurant Erbprinz

We play at Erbprinz hotel in Ettlingen, Germany tonight for Customer Event hosted by Harman/Becker Automotive Systems. We've been told that we play for CEO's and Directors of German Car Companies.


Erbprinz is a nice historical hotel in Ettlingen. The ballroom is on grand floor.

Set Up

(Sep. 16)
We set up our gear day before the event.

Sound Check

We did good sound check and now ready for performance for tomorrow.

Event Coordinators

Two ladies from Harman/Becker is guiding how to set the ballroom. Also, we perform a little bit to get idea which pieces fits for event.

Entrance For Ballroom

The day of the event, they well prepared the space. It feels very fancy.

Bar in Foyer

In foyer, they set Bar Section for drinking before dinner.


This is a dinner event and we play in between the 5 courses. We play 4 short sets, some of are just 5 min and other are 25 min. Set varies on situation. In this way, they enjoy the dinner and music simultaneously (hopefully).

In Between Sets

We played couple of sets, and waiting in the foyer for next set. The audiences are very nice and listening our music very attentively, thank you very much. The event went very well.

Food of the Day

We had a dinner in the green room on first floor of hotel. It was very good and I'm sure they serve very nice dishes at the ballroom.

Hotel of the Day

We stay at Hotel Renaissance in Karlsruhe, Germany for whole stay. Harman Pro Group provided 5 nights for just this one event, which is luxury and help a lot for jet lagged traveling musician. Thank you very much.