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UK - Beatles - London, Liverpool - 05/15/2005

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In the wake of Beatles

May 15(sun)
Takako and I like Beatles, so we visited some places related to Beatles.

Abbey Road Crossing in London

May 15(sun)
The famous pedestrian crossing near Abbey Road Studio.

Former Apple Office in London

May 18(wed) 2005
Beatles did last performance at roof of this building in "Let it be" film.

Former Indica Art Gallery in London

May 18(wed)
Oh, no!

Mendips in Liverpool

May 20(fri)
John spend 5 to 23 year olds in this aunt Mimi's house. His room was rather small and Brigitte Bardot's poster was impressive beside Elvis.

Strawberry Fields in Liverpool

May 21(sat)
This is a part of Magical Mystery Tour Bus ride.

20 Forthlin Road

May 20(fri)
Paul's house when he was young. With National Trust Tour, we went inside of Paul's and John's house. Recommend if you are interested.

Penny Lane

May 21(sat)
It said Penny Lane. No Magic with Magical Mystery Tour.

Cavern Club

May 21(sat)
After Magical Mystery Tour, we came down to Cavern Club to have some drinks.

Wish you are here!

May 21(sat)
A statue on Matthew street. Best wishes for Hernan, Michael T. and Shu who are my beatle friends.