Hideyo's Roadcam
Barkley Theater - Fallon, Nevada - 10/01/2004

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Barkley Theater

This is Barkley Theater in Fallen, Nevada. We never played this town before, so we are very excited to play tonight.

Sound Check

It was very nice Hall and everything is well prepared and we got very good taken care of. The sound check went very smooth.

Men without teeth

In the backstage, they are imitating the guitarists don't have teeth and warm up continue.

Thank you!!

Very, very nice audiences they are at Barkley theater. Thank you for coming and see you again!!

Food of the Day

We had lunch at a casino restaurant in Lovelock, Nevada. I had American traditional "Pork Chops" dinner and it was quite alright.

Hotel of the Day

We stayed at Holiday Inn Express in Fallon today. This hotel had Free wireless internet that we are very appreciated.