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Breedlove Guitar Company - Bend, Oregon - 08/19/2005

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Breedlove Guitar Company

Aug 18(Thu)
CGT is invited by Breedlove Guitar Company to have performance and workshop during "The Extraordinary Experience 2005'". What is this? Build a custom guitar with good weekend holiday in same price.


Aug 18(Thu)
There is a showroom in front part of factory. Many good guitars on the wall. For Japanese, there is good information on 'Acoustic Guitar Book Vol.21' by Shinko Music.

Ameritel Hotel

Aug 18(Thu)
Musicians and Experience participants stay at Ameritel Hotel. It was nice hotel with free internet.

Welcome Reception at hotel

Aug 18(Thu)
Steven behind the mixer took good care of us and Chris on the guitar prepared my new Breedlove guitar well. Thank you very much, Steven and Chris.

At Hospital

Aug 19(Fri)
CGT played acoustically at local hospital in Bend for cancer patients in the late morning.

Hummel Estate

Aug 19(Fri)
CGT and other musicians using Breedlove Guitar had performance at Hummel Estate. It was nice to play outside of that estate.


Aug 19(Fri)
We had a nice dinner with Peter the president of Breedlove(man with white T-shirts). Breedlove fed us good during our stay! Thanks, Peter.


Aug 20(Sat)
In the afternoon, CGT and Radim Zenkl had workshop with Experience participants at hotel.

Radim Zenkl

Aug 20(Sat)
Radim Zenkl was very good mandolin player from Czech Republic. He gave good explanation about right hand technique.

Hideyo's Breedlove Guitar

Aug 22(Mon)
I'm very impressed with new Breedlove Guitar and very happy to have one. The combination of RMC pick up and this guitar is excellent. Thank you very much who works at Breedlove Guitar Company!!