Hideyo's Roadcam
Mississippi Studios - Portland, Oregon - 10/09/2004

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Mississippi Studios

We play at Mississippi Studios in Portland tonight. It is a nice tiny venue. We are very looking forward to play here.

Sound check and E-mail

We are setting up for sound check and also doing some e-mail on the stage. Paul is working on laptop while Bert is working on guitar.

Audiences on stage

During the show, on my right side, there are audiences next to me. This is very rare occasion we have audiences on the very same stage.

Thank you!!

Very, very nice audiences they are at Mississippi Studio!! Thank you very much for coming and see you again!!

Food of the Day

Three soft flour tacos, choice of meat, choice of salsa, cheese or sour cream, and romine lettuce are my lunch at Chipotle.

Hotel of the Day

This is Doubletree hotel in Portland downtown. It is very nice hotel and very close to Mall for shopping, but I just need more time for shopping.