Hideyo's Roadcam
Plains of Abraham 1 - Quebec City, Canada - 07/08/2008

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Plains of Abraham

We play at Plains of Abraham at 8:30pm to 9:30pm as "Friends of Crimson King" tonight. This is a part of Quebec City Music Festival which we played many times before. We are very looking forward to play.

Back of the Stage

We just drive into back part of stage area for sound check.

CGT plus Tony and Pat

CGT play with Tony and Pat for first part of the show.

Adrian's Power Trio

Adrian's Power Trio took second part of the show.

Thank You!

Very, very nice audiences they are at Plains of Abraham! Thank you for coming and see you again!

With Les Claypool

Tony, Pat and Adrian played three Crimson pieces at end of set. CGT joined for Elephant Talk, and Les Claypool from Primus joined for Thela Hun Ginjeet to end the show.

Set List

This is a set list from tonight performance.

Food of the Day

I had a lunch at my favorite vegetarian restaurant. It is fast and cheep and good.

Hotel of the Day

We stay at Hilton Hotel for a week in Quebec City.

Travelin' Musician

Quebec City is the our favorite place to play. It is nice to be here even took a long trip from Japan and congratulation for 400 years anniversary.