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Hitchcock Auditorium - Bend, Oregon - 03/17/2005

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Hitchicock Auditorium

We play at Hitchicock Auditorium in Bend, Oregon tonight. We never played before in this college town and very looking forward to play.

Sound Check with Jarrod

We are doing sound check with Jarrod Kaplan, who is very good percussionist from Hunaman. He will join us for next 4 performances.
We did good amount of performances with Jarrod several years ago.


Promoter for tonight, C3 Production made nice poster for tonight's performance and also they took care of us nice.

Going Wild

Jarrod is playing solo in "Caravan". What amaze me is he plays by bare band all the Symbals and Bass Drum wildly. Don't cut your finger.

Thank you!

Very, very nice audiences they are at Hitchcock Auditoruim. Than you very much for coming and see again!!

Food of the Day

We had a lunch at Indian restaurant in downtown Bend. I don't recommend to eat Indian food on day of gig.

Hotel of the Day

We stayed at Phoenix Inn in Bend for two days. Very nice hotel with nice breakfast and free wireless internet.