Hideyo's Roadcam
Hard Rock Cafe - Orlando, Florida - 03/13/2006

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Hard Rock Cafe

We play at Hard Rock Cafe for private party tonight in Orlando.

Private Event

It is "A Hard Days Night" Party by Thermo Electron Corp. for their clients. Related Convention is happening in town.

Stage in Bar Section

They rented Whole Bar Section of Hard Rock Cafe and stage is just in front of bar counter.

Sound Check

Not so much time for sound check but we did quickly as we could.

Austin P.

Waiting next to stage to perform, Austin P. and girls came to us for entertainment.


Very nice audience in the hall! Thank you for listening!

Big Funs

Fred and Keith are big fun of CGT, thank you for invite us for the party!

Food of the Day

I had Turkey and some other stuff from food section of Hard Rock cafe.

Hotel of the Day

We stay at Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando. Everything is very expensive in the hotel.

Travelin' Musician

I made flight on Mar. 11 to get here. One day to get over jet rag. Flight distance are 7279 miles (11714 km) on the air.