Hideyo's Roadcam
Little Brother's - Columbia, Ohio - 06/12/2005

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Little Brother's

This is our second time to play at Little Brother's in Columbus. We are very looking forward to play in United States of America.

Sound Check

Show at 7:00PM, doors open at 6:00PM and load in at 4:00PM. There is not much time for set up all the gear (remember there are drums, too) and do decent sound check. But, we have Tyler the sound man from tonight till Atlanta, so we can trust his ear and we missed him very much when we were in Mexico City.

Wireless In Ear Monitoring System

We use Wireless In Ear Monitor for monitoring sound for very first time. So, we have more clear sound and no feedback. And we get used to it after couple of pieces we play.

At Back Stage

Tony is explaining how many wireless equipments Peter Gabriel have on his body at live, it looks like fully equipped army soldier.

Thank you!

Very, very nice audiences they are at Little Brother's in Columbus! Thank you very much for coming and see you again!

Food of the Day

We had lunch at nearby family restaurant from the hotel. I had summer special burger with dried tomato and fresh greens, and that was quite alright.

Hotel of the Day

We stay at Holiday Inn Express in north of Columbia. It is nice to have Free Wireless High Speed Internet available. Rather simple and quiet hotel and air condition is working well.