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Fuji Rock Festival '05 - Naeba Ski Resort, Niigata, Japan - 07/30/2005

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Fuji Rock Festival '05

CGT play at Fuji Rock Festival. We played 2 years ago at Fuji Rock, but this time Tony Levin will join us, so we are very looking forward to play this afternoon.

Muddy Path to Orange Court

The Orange Court stage is very far from entrance gate. It takes almost one hour with muddy path and crowded people.

Waiting for the van

In early afternoon, it starts heavy rain and we are waiting for a van to take us to stage.

Set Up

There is less than 30 min. to set up and do sound check. It is not enough time when there is problem like feed back.

CGT on Stage

We start on time at 3pm for one hour show. There are very good energy on stage even have bad monitor sound.

Audiences stand on Mud

There is still rain and audiences are standing on mud during show.

Thank You!!!

Really thank you all who came to see us at Orange Court! I know that this stage is so far from the gate. I felt very good feeling from the audiences while we play@even we had not so good sound at field.

White stage

(July 31)
My wife and I went to White stage to see Boom Boom Satellites and the Mars Volta. It was heavy rain while waiting for Mars Volta. And we recognize that Fuji Rock always rain and this is normal.

Food of the Day

(July 31)
I had famous Thai Ramen at Oasis area for late lunch after seeing the Futureheads at Red Marquee. It was good taste but little pricey for quantity.

Hotel of the Day

We stayed at Naeba Prince Hotel. It was fine since they had two beds and toilet and shower in the room.