Hideyo's Roadcam
Acuff Theater - Nashville, TN - 08/05/2006

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Acuff Theater

We play at Acuff Theater in Nashville this afternoon. This is for "Live on Stage" Music Convention for community art theater booking people from all over the states.


We play at 4 pm for 15 minuets of music. There are 12 groups play this afternoon, and other 12 groups played yesterday. Audiences are enjoying our short set and we love to play at your hometown!


Good surprise, our friend Edger Cruz from Oklahoma City is played at convention also. He is good solo finger style player.


Finally. todays' performance finished at 7 pm and we are greeting each other at entrance hall.

Road out

It must be long two days for stuffs of Live on Stage, and finally they broke down the stage.

Food of the Day

We ate at Waffle House again for lunch again. Two eggs sunny side up, toast, grits and hush-brown.

Waffle House

There are many, many Waffle House is southern part of USA, almost every highway exits. In the past, an audience felt sorry for us about food on road, because we eat a lot in Waffle House. So, he gave us $50 after performance for eat some good food but not eat in Waffle House.

Hotel of the Day

We stay at Holiday Inn Music City near airport.

Travelin' Musician

We drove 246 miles (396 km) from Atlanta to Nashville. We planed to go venue straight for 3 pm soundcheck, but we notice that we gain one hour because we cross the time zone. So, we stop at Hotel for short brake.