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The NAMM show 2007 - Anaheim, CA - 01/19/2007

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The Acoustic Cafe

CGT plays at the Acoustic Cafe in Hilton Hotel on Jan. 19. 2007 for Breedlove. Two years ago, we played here with Tony Levin and Jon Anderson, but this time, Tony plays with his band in different location at same time and Jon is in Europe right now.

Breedlove Allstars

CGT played about 20 min after Radim Zenkle (Mandolin player) and closing our show, Radim and Chris joined us and played one piece together.

Thank You!

Thank you for listening and we hope you enjoyed!!

The NAMM show 2007

The NAMM show 2007 held at Anaheim convention center (very close from Disney land) from Jan.18 (thu) to Jan. 21 (sun) this year.

Breedlove Booth

We played at Breedlove Booth around 3pm for short set this afternoon.

Harman Pro 2007

We were invited to play at Harman Pro Group Music conference prior to NAMM show in Hyatt Hotel in Huntington Beach. Other band play after us sound checking now.

Set Up

We set up our gear side of stage. Big three screens project us while we play.

Thank You!

Thank you very much for listening! We hope you enjoyed our show!

Food of the Day

In back stage after we play, we had nice dinner with Cristina from Harman Pro. She took good care of us while we stay at Hyatt, thank you very much.

Hotel of the Day

We stay at Hyatt Hotel in Huntington Beach for 3 days provided by Harman Pro. Very nice hotel and we did good rehearsals during stay at Hyatt.