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Teatro Aurora - Margera(Venezia), ITALY - 02/18/2007

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Teatro Aurora

We play at Teatro Aurora in Marghere (Venezia) tonight. It is first to time to play at this venue and we are very looking forward to.

Theater Hall

It is a very nice hall.

Classic Italian Style

At back stage rest room, Italian classic one is there. Watch out for water flood!

CGT and Tony on Stage

This is last performance in Italy for this leg, and we played quite good.

Molto Grazie!

Very, very nice audiences they are at Teatro Aurora! Thank you for coming and see you again!!

Food of the Day

After the performance, we went an Italian restaurant for more Italian food and we had fish and pasta and wine as usual.

Last Night Party

We had feast at restaurant for successful Italian tour! It was hard but good tour and we looking forward for next one!

Hotel of the Day

We stayed at Hotel Vivid in center of Mestre. This picture taken from balcony my room. There was a lot of people for carnival.


(Feb. 19)
We had day off at Venezia and first time to do something like tourist does.Tony's friend Mike took us to walk around Venezia and we had very good time! Thank you, Mike.

Americano in Venice

(Feb. 19)
It was good day off, and tomorrow we make a flight to Washington, D.C. for US east-coast tour.