Hideyo's Roadcam
Cowell Theater - San Francisco, CA - 11/11/2006

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Cowell Theater

"Natasha Carlitz Dance Ensemble
with the California Guitar Trio
and High Release Dance
November 11, 2006 2pm and 8pm
Cowell Theater, Fort Mason, San Francisco"

Set Up

CGT gears on the carpet for easy to move. We did long rehearsals 2 nights before.

Sound Check

We loaded at 12 noon and did quick sound check. It's gonna be a long day since we play at 2pm and 8pm.

Program started

This is mainly a dance performance with 2 sets with intermission.

Side Stage

We are watching them from side of stage.

Music Set

In first set, we played short music set in between dances.

After Intermission

Second set starts with dance called "Bookworms".

From "Circulation"

At last, program called "Circulation" are the medley of CGT 13 pieces start.

From "Circulation"

-Yamanashi Blues
-Tenor Madness

From "Circulation"

-Red Iguana
-Kan-non Power
-Walk Don't Run
-Classical Gas

From "Circulation"

-Prelude in C minor
-The Marsh

From "Circulation"

Dancer gave us a good energy since they worked so hard with CGT music and we gave a good energy for dancers since they dance with Live music not the CD. I enjoyed very much.

Food of the Day

I had Pad Thai for dinner at noodle shop near hotel.

San Francisco Bay

The view just out from backstage door. It is nice to have short brakes watching San Francisco Bay.