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Teatro dei Riuniti - Umbertide, ITALY - 02/16/2005

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Teatro dei Riuniti

We play at Teatro dei Riunit in Unbertide(north of Perugia) tonight. It is a very small town but historic(perharps all the Italian towns are historic?) and we are very looking forward to play tonight.

Arena with three floor

This is inside of the theater and it is very nice. It feels like that we need to do Opera stuff rather than just concert. Maybe next time.

Sound check

We are doing sound check now. Theater has very good sound system and we had very good sound.

Old part of Umbertide

Bert got a cup of espresso coffee in old part of Umbertide after sound check. It was very cold outside.

CGT poster

On the wall, there is a CGT Poster announcing tonight's performance.

Thank you!

Very, very nice audiences they are at Teatro dei Ruiniti! Thank you very much for coming and see you again!

Food of the day

We went a dinner after performance with local promoter,that mean, after midnight. But, we had nice wine and food. This is home made meat spaghetti and quite good.

Hotel of the day

We stay at Country Hotel near Umbertide. It is a very nice little hotel, but off course, no high speed internet.