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Auditorium Klub - Sona(Verona), ITALY - 02/16/2007

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Auditorium Klub

We play at Auditorium Klub in Sona near Verona tonight. We play at 11:00 pm, so it gonna long night as always.

Sound Check

Sound check went well, no major problem and ready for performance.

Molto Grazie!!

Very, very nice audiences they are at Klub!! Thank you for coming and see you again!

At Carnival

Near hotel we stay, there was a carnival going on and we try some game after lunch. We failed to get things.

Food of the Day

After sound check, we went to an Italian Restaurant near the venue and I had Spaghetti alle vongole and insalata mista.

Dress Code

To eat this spaghetti, it require this thing on.

Hotel of the Day

We stay at Hotel Krystal in Bussolengho near Verona. There was construction at hotel so we got some drilling noise.

Travelin' Musician

We drove about 150 Km from Pavia to Verona today. It is not bad in distance but some part of highway was very misty.

Press Conference

We had a press conference in verona around noon today.