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UK - Sightseeing 2 - London - 05/21/2005

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Mind the gap

May 17(tue)
We took London Underground for transportation. This black ball is so different from a@handstrap of Japanese train.


May 17(tue)
We saw two live performance while stay in London. "Thirteen Senses" and "Futureheads", both bands played at Astoria.

Piccadilly Circus

May 18(wed)
Takako with Futureheads T-shirt stands on Piccadilly Circus. They play at Fuji Rock '05, so as CGT.

Tate Modern

May 18(wed)
We went to see modern art at Tate Modern Museum. There are many elementally kids with teacher, smiling with shinny faces at Nude and Body section. Recommand if you need some laugh.

Millennium Bridge

May 18(wed)
Candidate for modern art, "Two Shadows on Millennium Bridge".

The British Museum

May 24(tue)
We went to see some old things to the British Museum. All the museum is free in England, that is good.


May 24(tue)
Ancient Goddess from Canaan. Also, I had a band "Astarte" with Yuta Saito and Takayuki Kanda from 1997 to 1999. You can hear some samples at www.g-fieldworks.com by Kanda. (Japanese language required)


May 25(wed) 2005
We visited the place which Mozart wrote his first Symphony at age 8.
I like his early symphonies very much and arranged some of them.