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The Lowell Brewery Exchange - Lowell, Massachusetts - 11/03/2004

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The Lowell Brewery Exchange

We play at the Lowell Brewery Exchange in Lowell, Massachusetts tonight. We have special guests tonight, Tony Levin on bass and Jerry Marotta on drums.

New England Guitar Circle

The team of New England Guitar Circle is the first opener. It is nice to see them on the stage. Keep good work.

Tom and Jerry

CGT, Tony and Jerry spend couple hours to go though the materials at sound check. Now, Jerry plays with Tom for his set. It was a busy night for Jerry Marotta.

Thank you!

Very, very nice audiences they are at the Lowell Brewery Exchange! Thank you for coming to see us and see you again!

Food of the day

We had a lunch at Cracker Barrel. I had Chicken and Dumpling. For me, dumpling means "Gyoza" but this is more like "Suiton". It was good old fashion American meal.

Hotel of the day

We stay at Radisson Hotel in Chelmsford near Lowell. Good to have free wireless high-speed internet.