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Pepsi-Cola Roadhouse - Pittsburgh, PA - 08/24/2008

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Pepsi-Cola Roadhouse

We play at Pepsi-Cola Roadhouse near Pittsburgh from 6pm to 8pm tonight. There are 5 bands play today from 11 am to Midnight.

3 Rivers Progressive Rock Festival

This event is 3 Rivers Progressive Rock Festival. There are some band we know play yesterday and today like Spock's Beard and The Flower Kings.

Load In

We loaded at 5 pm for sound check. But, band before us still playing because everything delayed.


Finally, band before us finished, more than one hour delay, and audiences went outside for set change.

Sound Check

We did short but good sound check.

Thank You!

Very, very nice audience they are at Roadhouse! Thank you for listening and see you again!

Ryo Okumoto

Keyboard player of Spock's Beard, Ryo Okumoto joined us for end of our set.

Food of the Day

I had spare rib and baked potato and veg for dinner at back stage.

Hotel of the Day

We stayed at Holiday Inn Express near Pittsburgh airport. This is an official hotel for this festival.

Travelin' Musician

(Aug. 23)
We drove from Cleveland to Pittsburgh yesterday about 3 hours. Tomorrow morning, I'll fly back to Japan. This is a very short tour but very enjoy to play.