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Pyramid Alehouse - Walnut Creek, California - 05/08/2006

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Pyramid Alehouse

We play at Pyramid Alehouse around 6:00 pm of one hour set for The California Symphony patrons party. Well, it is open for public also, but to get in need to pay $75 for food, drink and music.

Set Up

We set up around 4:30 pm onto small stage in backyard of this restaurant. It is very hot in the sun.

Tyler Trotter

It is nice to have Tyler does sound for CGT. We could trust the sound out there. Thanks, Tyler.

Warm Up

There is no backstage for us. So, we warm up together in the back of sound board area.


Reception started from 5:15 pm to 7:30 pm. We started to play at 6:00 pm sharp. Seems like people were enjoying drinks, food and music.

Thank you!

Very, very nice audience they are at Pyramid Alehouse! Thank you for having us!

Food of the Day

I had some salad dish for lunch at hotel we stayed in. It was quite good in taste.

Hotel of the Day

We still stay in Marriott Hotel in Walnut Creek, and it is very hot to walk around there, also not so much shops near hotel except car dealers and a gas station.