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Walt Disney World "Epcot" - Orlando, Florida - 05/05/2005

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Walt Disney World "Epcot"

CGT plays at "Epcot" of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. This is part of "Happiest Celebration on Earth" event, which is Disney's 50th Anniversary. "Magic Kingdom", "Disney MGM Studio" and "Disney's Animal Kingdom" are other park in the Walt Disney World. It is huge.

California Guitar Trio Live Show!

CGT is playing now on highest stage in CGT history at The Land Pavilion from 8pm to 9pm. This Pavilion has new attraction called 'Soalin' from "Disney Land" in California for 50th Anniversary. The Epcot is closed for public at 3pm today for this special event.

Thank you!!

There are many Media people from all over the world (not only USA) to Listen CGT performance. They serve nice food during the performance, before and after. There are 3000-ish invited Media people in all over the pavilions in Epcot. (This photo is taken from the stage.)

Media People

Media People (Radio person from Scandinavia) are taking to Paul during CGT performance. They are invited by Disney for one week for this celebration. Disney paid flights, hotels, foods and drinks, and of course free to enter all the parks for them.

Food of the Day

I had nice Chicken and marinated vegetables and salad at backstage of Epcot.

JAPAN in Epcot

There are many World Showcases in Epcot. That is Japan showcase, they put many typical architectural structure in small area, since the land of Japan is so small. I was here with my good friend, Hiroshi Sato 20 years ago. Best wishes.

IRON CHEF(Ryouri no Tetujin)

This is how to make French Fries by Japanese Iron Chef. He is very good to use Japanese sward. I'm not sure even Miyamoto Musashi is good enough to be chef.

CANADA in Epcot

This is CANADA in Epcot. CGT went Canada many times but I didn't have any image like this. Epcot is very informational!!

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

We stayed at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge during our stay. This view from my room. There is no high speed internet available anywhere in this hotel. (Motel 8 is other one I remember)

The Animals

The view from Bert's room. There are animals like, Ankole Cattle, Grant's Zebra, Reticulated Giraffe and Homo Sapiens, etc.