Hideyo's Roadcam
Tower Theater - Bend, Oregon - 11/09/2005

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Tower Theater

We play at Tower Theater in Bend, Oregon. Bend is the hometown of Breedlove Guitar which CGT is using now. We love to play them very much.


Jarrod is playing with us and setting his percussions.

Mini Guitars(Passport)

Breedlove asked us to play their mini guitar for one piece. Very nice small guitar with good sound.


Very good solo in Caravan. It was nice to play Jarrod again.

Thank You!

Very, very nice audiences they are at Tower Theater! Thank you very much for coming and see you again!

Food of the Day

I had Yakisoba for lunch at nice noodle shop in town called SOBA.

Hotel of the Day

We stayed at Phoenix Inn in Bend. It is in good location and have free wireless internet.