Hideyo's Roadcam
Variety Playhouse - Atlanta, Georgia - 06/19/2005

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Variety Playhouse

We play at Variety Playhouse tonight. We played in Atlanta many times before and had good audiences, so we are very looking forward to play tonight.

Sound Check

The last sound check with Tony and Pat, since this is the last performance with them a while. It was too short with them because we just got better and better. Hopefully we play with them near future. (we play with Tony pretty soon, though)

Back Stage

It was nice back stage we had to spend time. It is nice to have some snack and drinks at back stage.

Thank you!

Very, very good audiences they are at Variety Playhouse! Thank you for coming and see you again!!

Pat the Merchandiser

Pat the Merchandiser sold our CDs for this tour. And he was very good for calculation. Thank you, Pat.

Food of the Day

I had lunch at hotel. I had penne pasta with chicken and it was alright.

Hotel of the Day

We stay at Crown Plaza hotel near Atlanta Airport. Trio goes to Phoenix, Arizona tomorrow to continue the tour and rest go back to home.