Hideyo's Roadcam
Port O' Call - Salt Lake City, Utah - 09/28/2004

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Port O' Call

This is Port O' Call the private club for drinkers. You need to be membership of this kind to have strong drink in Utah. We played here in very early stage of CGT in 1991 and as far as remember, drunken voices much louder than music we play.

CGT and Tom Greisberger

Tonight sets up are as double bill with Peter Rowen and Tony Rice. So, CGT goes on first and while changing the set between them, Tom Greisberger plays intermission music.

Peter Rowen and Tony Rice

Peter Rowen and Tony Rice and friends are sound checking. Contrary to CGT, they use mic only for their instrument not direct lines from Guitars. After the performance, some audience mentioned CGT sound has more presence.

Thank you Salt Lake people!

Very, very good audiences they are at Port O' Call!! Thank you for coming and see you again!

"The Marsh" Pasta

'Angel Hair Pasta in a lemon cream sauce garnished with Crimini mushroos.' We had nice "Whitewater Menu" by David last night and this was the starter and got stranger as meal went.


After we finished the "Whitewater Menu", we went to top of the building for nice nightscape of Salt Lake City downtown.