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Library Park/MarketFest - Redding, California - 07/06/2006

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Library Park/MarketFest

We play at Library Park for part of Market Festival in Redding tonight. We do 2 sets of performance and one guitar clinic on stage. Let's see how it goes.

Set Up

We set up our gear on stage. It is fairly hot outside and under the sun, it is very hot.


This is a poster for Market Festival 2006.

Open Guitar Clinic

We did a guitar clinic at 6pm. There are about 20 people with many kind of guitar and we invited them on stage to do Circulation? with them. We set our back to audiences in order to make circle. This kis is 3 years old and he is braking circle. He may want solo?


Audiences left with no sound since no way we could amplify the sound of clinic. They are sitting under tree. Perhaps, wondering what goes on the stage.

Set List

This is set list for first set.

Thank you!

Very, very nice audiences they are at Library Part in Redding. Thank you for being there.

Food of the day

I had nice breakfast at Arcata this morning.

Hotel of the day

We drove after Redding show to get hotel in Medford. It took about 3hours and arrived at hotel after Midnight.

Travelin' Musician

We drove from Arcata to Redding about 141miles (226km) with a lot of construction. And after the show, we drove 151 miles (243 km) in dark.