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Teatro le Maschere - Arzano, Italy - 02/07/2007

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Teatro le Maschere

We play at Teatro le Maschere in Arzano, Italy. It is near Napels. It is very first time to play this place and we are very looking forward to.

Nice Poster

It is a nice poster of California Guitar Trio and Tony Levin. This is very first tour with Tony in Italy.

Sound Check

We did a long sound check today. kind of rehearsals. Since, Tony just arrived late morning, and Paul's missing guitar arrived in afternoon today. So, no time to rehears in hotel.

Tyler the sound man

Tyler is doing a sound for this tour. We never brought own sound man except USA. So, it will be good sound.

Thank You!!

Very, very nice audiences they are at Teatro le Maschere! Thank you for coming and see you again!!

Food of the Day

I ate at restaurant in hotel for 5 times and it was very good. This is Past with Baby Octopus and Artichoke.

Hotel of the Day

We stayed at Hotel Bu$iness in Cosario not so far from Airport. It only 7km (4.4 miles) from there and I took taxi paid 30 Euro, well, I guess the driver took some scenic route for me. Nothing near hotel in walking distance except factory, so this is it.

Travelin' Musician

Paul, Bert and Tyler just arrived from USA on Feb. 6.
I made flights from Japan via Washington D.C. USA, via Munich Germany to Naples Italy. I left Japan on Feb.3rd and arrived in Naples on Feb.5th. It was a loooong trip!