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Auditorium Flaiano - Pescara, Italy - 02/13/2007

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Auditorium Flaiano

We play at Auditorium Flaiano in Pescara tonight. This is another good theater we play in and very looking forward to play.

Theater Hall

Beautiful looking nice hall.

Sound check

We did good sound check and ready to play. Tyler join for one piece for this tour.

Molto Grazie!!

Very, very nice audiences they are at Auditorium Flaiano!! Thank you for coming and see you again!!

Autograph Session

After the performance, we go out and autograph CD's. Fans are lined up? and ask a lot of photo session, too.

Food of the Day

We ate after the show again, but it is only midnight. We had nice Seafood Salad and Pastas and wine.

Hotel of the Day

We stayed at Hotel Sun Marco in Francaville al Mare, just a little south of Pescara. We could walk to the beach, but nothing open since it is out of season. But, good thing is the hotel have free wireless in lobby that makes everybody happy!

Travelin' Musician

We drove about 150 km from Macerata to Pescara today. The weather is fine and nice short drive! By the way, drink a beer and drive is OK in Italy?