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Dean Lesher Regional Center for the Arts - Walnut Creek, California - 05/09/2006

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Dean Lesher Regional Center for the Arts

We play with The California Symphony again tonight at 7:30 pm. Since we played together last Sunday, I feel a little bit relax for today.

Setting Up

We load in at 5:30 pm and start setting up our gear for sound check. Also, people from theater setting up the microphones on the air for recording, but The California Symphony owns this recording to publish or not.

Sound Check

On Sunday, Mr. Richard McClish of RMC pickup saw us for first time. And he gave Tyler an advise for playing with Symphony to blend the sound. All three of us are using RMC pickup on guitar now.

Change Seating

After the first piece, Violins and Viola musicians come side of the stage during change seating in order to play with CGT.


CGT is done with Symphony, so we now have a chance to listen the California Symphony. Very nice audiences are getting back from intermission for second half of the performance.

The California Symphony

They played "Don Juan" by Struss and "Bolero" by Ravel. It was very, very good performance. It was very good start to work with Symphony and we do some more in the future.

Food of the Day

I had Spicy Chicken Soft Taco and 7-Layer Burrito at Taco Bell for lunch......and a dinner at McDonald's......

Taco Bell, Mexican?

Many years ago, we were eating at Taco Bell a lot since there was not much time. And, Paul wanted to go Mexican Restaurant one night and I said "No, please, because we are eating at Taco Bell a lot this week." And he said, "Taco Bell is not the Mexican food, it is a fast food." I said. "It is very Mexican to me and I had enough Mexican food." Well, I don't remember where we went that night.