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Shibuya O-East - Tokyo, Japan - 08/01/2005

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Shibuya O-East

We play at Shibuya O-East in Tokyo tonight. We are very happy to play since we played here in 2000.

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There are three bands play tonight. Adrian Belew and California Guitar Trio, and also there is a Japanese Rock band called Triceratops.

Sound Check

We are doing sound check last within those three bands since we play at first. We did very good sound check and ready to play.

Thank You!!

Very, very good audiences they are at Shibuya O-East! Thank you very much for coming and see you next time. We played very good and sound was fine.


After our set, Triceratops went on stage and did very good performance. They got nice flower stand also.

Old Band Mates

My old friends came to see us. Mr. Sato next to me was my high school co-guitarist and Mr. Kiuchi in Red Jacket was my bassist in junior high school. It was really nice to see them between change over.

Adrian Belew

At last, Adrian Belew band played very powerful set. We enjoyed from balcony to see them.


(Aug 2nd)
Just before go to Narita airport, CGT with Tony and Adrian Belew band had good chat. We might do tour together near future in USA. Anyway, it was great to share the stage with Adrian.

Food of the Day

My wife and I left this morning from Naeba to Tokyo. We stopped at Takasaka Service Area for lunch and I had Ramen and Stair Fried Rice.

Hotel of the Day

We stayed at Tokyo Prince Hotel in Tokyo near Tokyo Tower.