Hideyo's Roadcam
Cafe Paradiso - Eugene, Oregon - 10/08/2004

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Cafe Paradiso

We play at Cafe Paradiso tonight. We always love to play in Eugene. But, this place is first time to play, so we are looking forward to play.

CD World

Just before go to venue, we had CD shop appliance at CD World downtown Eugene. It is nice CD new & used shop. Very good collections. We played 5 pieces and signed some CD's.

Classical Bert

Bert played an entrance music (solo Bach) before the showtime. Still people are coming in and chatter while he play.

Thank you, forks!

Very, very good audiences they are at Cafe Paradiso. We were glad to play here even day before we had a long drive. Good energy we got tonight from performance.

Food of the Day

At Cafe Paradiso, I had Tuna sand and soup. Very good cafe food here.

Hotel of the Day

We drove from Lancaster to Eugene yesterday. It was 840 miles (1344km) and finally arrived to Travelodge in Eugene after midnight.