Hideyo's Roadcam
Sutter Creek Theater - Sutter Creek, California - 10/03/2004

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Sutter Creek Theater

This is Sutter Creek Theater near Sacrament in California surrounded by nice little winery of this area. It is very small town and very first time to play here. We are always excited when play new place.

All the gears!

Those are all the gears we have. Guitars and some effects. Also, we each have a suitcase. This mobility keeps up going easily for many years.

Setting up and Sound Check

Actually, this is nice a nice small theater. We set up and do sound check and ready to go on stage.

Thank you!

Very, very nice audiences at Sutter Creek Theater in Sutter Creek. Thank you very much all who came to see us!

Food of the Day

Chicken Calzone is my lunch next door to Theater. After the performance, we had dinner with nice local wine in the same restaurant with promoter.

Hotel of the Day

Old Hotel Antiques is an antique shop, somehow, we stay the cottages run by this shop in the back of this building. No phones available, no online tonight.