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UK-Sightseeing 1 - London, Brighton - 05/12/2005

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England from the Sky

May 12(thu)
My wife Takako and I had two weeks holiday in England from May 12 to May 26. Spent more than 10 hours in the air, we were approaching our destination finally.

Paddington Station

May 12(thu)
We took an express train from Heathrow airport to Paddington station.

The Big Bus Tour

May 13(fri)
It was nice to take this bus tour to get idea of London.

We are the Tourist

May 13(fri)
We enjoyed the view of London with recorded explanation in Japanese. Even took river cruise from Tower Pier to Westminster Pier.

Brighton Beach

May 16(mon)
We came to Brighton beach about one hour south of London, remind us the movie "Quadrophenia" based on music of The Who.

Sting's Hotel

May 16(mon)
In the movie "Quadrophenia", Sting (a police man) worked as a Bell Boy at this hotel.

Seven Sisters Cliffs

May 16(mon)
It took about 1 hour and half to get here from Brighton by bus and long walk. It was very impressive and beautiful to see this sight, and very scary, too.

Keep away from the edge(U2)!

May 16(mon)
Jimmy from "Quadrophenia" took last bike ride here.