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Thunder Road - Codevilla(Pavia), ITALY - 02/15/2007

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Thunder Road

We play at Thunder Road club in Codevilla near Pavia tonight. Again, club is in middle of nowhere, so the band could make a lot of noise.

Sound Check

We had major hum problem during the sound check and Tyler is checking every possibility to check where it come from. It was bad cable from club and lighting system.

Tyler's Day

More than 2 hours we spend time to get lid of hum noise. Sometime, it is hard to work with club people in Italy.

Back Stage

This is back stage of the venue.

Molto Grazie!!

Very, very nice audiences they are at Thunder Road!! Thank you for coming and see you again!!

Food of the Day

We had an Italian food at venue and that was good. Pasta, salad, fritto, cheese, some veggis,,,.

Hotel of the Day

We stayed at Park Hotel in Salice Terme. It is very small town but kind of (hot) spring resort. We could go online at lobby area and some rooms free that made us happy.

Travelin' Musician

(Feb. 14)
We drove about 560 km from Pescara to Salice Terme via Ancora.

Press Conference

(Feb. 14)
We had press conference at Ancora, so we wake up early to make this happen for just drive day.