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September - Burgos, SPAIN - 02/23/2005

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We play at September Club in Burgos, Spain tonight. We across the mountain to get here, north part of Spain, and a little bit of snow on the road. But, not bad.

Set up

We are setting up our gear on stage. The club itself is very small and even all standing, I wonder how many people hold.

Sound Check

We are doing sound check now. Compare to small place, they have very big and nice speakers and had very nice smooth sound.


After sound check, we went to have dinner with local promoter. He ordered bunch of local dishes for us to try out. He was proud of meat from this area.

Eat, Drink and Play

Since there is no back stage in club, we spend good time here for eat and drink. We stuffed ourselves and a little intoxicate, warm up is done and play now.

Thank you!

Very, very nice audiences they are at September. Thank you very much for coming and see you again!

Food of the day

On the way from Madrid to Burgos, we stopped at Tracker stop to have a lunch. This is very good "Garlic Soup" followed by Pollo dish.

Hotel of the day

We stay at Hotel Almirante Bonifaz in Burgos. Much nicer hotel compare to one in Madrid and had hot water for shower.