Hideyo's Roadcam
Humboldt Brewing Co. - Arcata, CA - 11/17/2006

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Humboldt Brewing Co.

We play at Humboldt Brewing Co. in Arcata tonight. This is a last night of this tour and last performance of this year, so we are very looking forward to play.

Set Up

We loaded in 7pm for 9:45pm show. Since we play in Pub, there are already some people for drinks.

Nice Fabric

After sound check, venue provide a nice fabric on the window back of the stage.

CGT on stage

We played 2 sets with brake tonight.

Thank You!

Very, very nice audiences they are at Humboldt Brewing Co.! Thank you for coming and see you again!

Food of the Day

In the hotel we stay at, there is a happening Japanese restaurant on first floor and I was very curious to try, so I had some sushi for dinner. It is not bad but Portland one was better.

Hotel of the Day

We stay at Arcata hotel in Arcata. This is nice hotel which is in good location. Walking distance to venue.

Pacific Ocean

On the way to Arcata, we stop for enjoy Pacific Ocean on 101.

Travelin' Musician

We drove from Ashland to Arcata in mountain road today. It is a nice driving day. We all go home tomorrow morning.