Hideyo's Roadcam
Holladay United Church - Salt Lake City, Utah - 11/18/2005

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Holladay United Church

We play at Holladay United Church tonight. We play in Salt Lake many times in many places in the past. Looking forward to play tonight.

Sound Check

We did good sound check and ready to play. Nice to have Tyler for sound, so we know we have good sound and that makes performance well.

Back Stage

We had nice back stage next to stage and we had nice take out food from Wild Oats.

Food of the Day

In the back stage, there was a fruits plate and I enjoyed very much.

Nice Audiences!

Very, very nice audiences they are at Holladay United Church!

Thank you!

Thank you very much for coming and see you again!

Hotel of the Day

We stay at Little America in Salt Lake City. Free internet is always good, but you need a cable.