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New Morning - Paris, France - 05/14/2008

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New Morning

We play at New Morning club in Paris, France tonight. This is the first time to play in Paris as CGT featuring Tony Levin, although we played here with King Crimson, Spock's Beard etc. before.

7/9 rue des Petites Ecuries

The club stands on 7/9 rue des Petites Ecuries, it is less than 10 minutes walk from hotel. But, when you lost, it will take time specially before the show.


It is a nice hall inside of the club.

Sound Check

Since this is first gig to play with Tony for this tour, we spend good hours of sound check and rehearsals on stage.

Back Stage

It is a nice back stage.

Thank You!

Very, very nice audiences they are at New Morning! Thank you very much for coming and see you again!

Set Lists

This is a set lists from tonight, though no recording tonight.

Food of the Day

The shell is the cup to hold the oyster, but empty.

Hotel of the Day

We stay at 9 Hotel in Paris. It looks like renovated recently but phone is not working and internet is not working. Although, hotel front man kept saying it should work.

Travelin' Musician

15 hours of traveling from Narita to Paris and 7 hours time difference. 11 am here means 6 pm in Japan. Just finished to call home from this pay phone booth.