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Centro Cultural Ollin Yolistli - Mexico City, Mexico - 06/09/2005

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Centro Cultural Ollion Yolistli

CG3+2 play at Centro Cultural Ollion Yolistli in Mexico City.We are very looking forward to play because we knew we have good audiences here in Mexico City.

Big Screens

They film the show with more than 5 cameras with big monitor screens behind us for possible DVD release. It is shame that this is our first performance of this leg, but we give our best shot.

Thank you!

Very, very nice and enthusiastic audiences they are at Ollin Yolistli. Thank you very much and see you again!

Thank you, too!

We are very busy since this morning and a little bit tired naturally, but a lot of energy from audience helped the performance. Thanks.

A church from Spain

In the afternoon, we came this church for TV show. This church was in Spain and they brought a stone by stone to build it in Mexico City.

Canal 22 TV "Acustico" show

We came here around 11:20 just after Radio and spent almost 4 hours to get half hour live footage and Interview to use in later. The TV technicians had a lot of problems and we played same piece many times. Very, very tired after this. By the way, Bert was on the way to Mexico at that moment since his flight was cancelled.

Televisa radio - Station W radio

We came Televisa Radio at 9:30 AM to have interview for Station W radio. The beginning of long, long day in a life.

Food of the Day

At 8:30 AM, we had Mexican Breakfast in hotel. It was buffet style and I didn't know what I was eating, but it was good.

Hotel of the Day

We stayed Hotel Real del Sur in Mexico City. Off course, there was no high speed internet available, that's fine. But, there were a lot of problem with air condition in the room. And a band played till 4 AM at bar section in the weekend, all the rooms could hear when you need some quite time.