Hideyo's Roadcam
Millwood Junction - Mancos, Colorado - 06/25/2005

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Millwood Junction

We play at Millwood Junction in Mancos, Colorado tonight. We played last September and it was good, so very looking forward to play.

Sound Check with Party people

There were some party people inside the room because of rain, they supposed to be at patio. But we did quick and good enough sound check.


This venue is also very good restaurant. We are waiting for a table for dinner while kids are running around.

Thank you!

Very, very good audiences they are at Millwood Junction! Thank you very much for coming and see you again!

Food of the Day

I had a Rocky Mountain Trout with sliced almond as dinner. Very, very good.

Hotel of the Day

We stay at Comfort Inn in Cortez tonight from 20 miles from the venue.

Tesuque Valley

We passed Tesuque Valley near Santa Fe to come here. We recorded our "Invitation" album at summer house of Murray Gell-Mann who find quark. Best wishes to Gell-Mann.