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Battle Mountain Civic Center - Battle Mountain, Nevada - 09/30/2004

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Battle Mountain Civic Center

"CALIFORNIA, GUITAR, TRIO, 7PM, SEPTEMBER 30, IN CONCERT" With this billboard, I think all the people of Battle Mountain know CGT is coming.

Battle Mountain Children

We had an educational concert for children this afternoon at 1:40 pm. Each CGT starts to play a guitar for fun at those children's age around 12 and 13.

Battle Mountain Stage

For tonight at performance, Tom joined CGT play one piece "Punta Patri".

Battle Mountain Audience

Very, very good audiences they are at Battle Mountain Civic Center!! Thank you for coming and see you again!!

Battle Mountain Food

Last night, we went to Owl Club Restaurant for dinner. I had an American traditional meal "Lever and Onion" plate for dinner.

Battle Mountain Hotel

We stayed at Super 8 Motel tonight. I didn't get a local AOL for Internet at the hotel. But, fortunately, a McDonald has wireless connection for upload Roadcam next door .