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Borders - Atlanta, GA, November 23rd, 2002

Run For The Border

Here we are!! Borders again!!! From today, we start promotional appearances in Borders Books and Music stores for 9 days to support our "A Christmas Album" and "CG3+2". We did over 60 stores in 1998 and 1999 to support our "Pathways" album. So, it feels like just home, doesn't it??

Double Clutch

This is a Borders at Buckhead in Atlanta. We just had a GREAT show last night in the Red Light Cafe', so we are wondering how we are going to change gears for a Borders performance.

CGT In Stock!

This is a back stage for us. You see many well-organized boxes of books. Due to performance flow, there is no audience picture for tonight. We played a few too many pieces tonight, so we need to change it for tomorrow. But, people liked it and bought many CD’s and we signed them afterwards.

Borders - Franklin, TN, November 24th, 2002

Nashville Redux

This is a Borders at Cool Spring in Nashville. Since, it is Sunday, we are playing at 4:00pm here. We had a very small audience one week ago at 12th st &Porters, so let’s see how many will showing up.

Border Audience 1

We change the set to better suit Borders and a good amount of people are there. It seems audiences are enjoying us very much. But, I felt a little negativity in the air from taking an audience picture here that I don’t feel during our normal performances. Borders shows are totally different from pay-to-come-see-us performances. If anyone in the picture has an objection, let us know and we will take out this one.

Borders - Dayton, OH, November 25th, 2002

A Sign of the Tour

A Borders in Dayton. No pictures are taken today due to consideration from last day. But, it was GREAT tonight here! Who would expect over 170 people to come see us on a Monday night? We are physically tired from 3 weeks with no day-off from touring. But, so far, Borders have taken good care of us, and the nights like tonight keep us going!


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