California Guitar Trio
R O A D   C A M
the Bearsville Theatre, Woodstock, N.Y., June 22nd, 2001

Producer Bob Clearmountain's house in Woodstock, N.Y.
In the Mountains at Bob Clearmountain's

We stayed in this beautiful house in Woodstock for three days to rehearse for this upcoming Eastcoast tour. The house belongs to Bob Clearmountain, a famous record producer.

Paul Helping Back the Van In

Paul in front of WDST radio in Woodstock. We did a morning live show to promote our show at the Bearsville Theatre.

Paul in front of WDST in Woodstock
the Bearsville Theatre
Outside the Bearsville Theatre

This is the Bearsville Theatre where we will play our first show.

the Bearsville Theatre Comes Alive!

The audience at the Bearsville show. We were warmly welcomed on our debut concert in the Woodstock area. We will definitely come back!.

the audience at the Bearsville Theatre show

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