California Guitar Trio
R O A D   C A M
The Usual, San Jose, California, January 27th, 2001

Beautiful mountains with clouds nipping at the tops are seen off in the distance.
Long Beautiful Drives...

Driving through the "grapevine", heading towards San Jose on the second day of the tour.

More Pie! Yummy!

Hideyo backstage with a Birthday apple pie, made by our good friend Chris Florkowski

Who's got the ice cream?
A group shot of the Trio, TLev, and Pat working out the kinks on stage after a long drive.
Just The Usual

Soundcheck at the Usual in San Jose.

The Crowd Gets Into It!

A participating audience at the Usual.

A exhuberent crowd!
Dancing?  Is that a first?
A First For Everything!

Some people were dancing and Heart of the Sunrise became a sing along.

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