California Guitar Trio
R O A D   C A M
Rehearsal Studio, January 25th, 2001

The Trio working their booth at the NAMM festival.

The entrance of the rehearsal complex. We have three days to get ready for the tour with Pat and Tony.

Ummm... Ear Plugs Anyone?

We are in room 110. Around 6 pm all hell breaks loose when the other bands start rehearsing in the building. The owner tells us that just about ALL the rooms are occupied that night.

A nice picture of the entrance to room 110.
Pat gets ready
Pat Sets Up The Kit

Pat is setting up his kit which is a combination of acoustic and electronic drums.

Papabear In Pencil Frenzy

Tony is making adjustments to the score of a new piece.

Tony Levin with his Stick bass on, writes down last minute changes.
Paul takes a break on the floor
Even Paul Relaxes Sometimes!

Paul is resting on the floor during a break.

Happy Birthday Hideyo!

Today is Hideyo's birthday! Here is his surprise Birthday cheesecake.

A nice yummy looking cheesecake held up by Hideyo, the birthday boy.

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