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The Bottom Line - Nagoya, Japan
November 14, 2000

Nagoya, Japan - 11/14/00
Big Time

Entrance to the Bottom Line Club in Nagoya. 7000 Yen is about equal to $70. That's right folks, tickets to see CGT and T-Lev in Japan are $70. This is the average price for concert tickets in Japan. It makes our $15 to $25 ticket prices in America seem extremely reasonable.

The Other Bottom Line

A nearly full house at the Bottom Line in Nagoya.

Nagoya, Japan - 11/14/00
Nagoya, Japan - 11/14/00
Club Par Excellence

The Bottom Line is a great club, the audience was very enthusiastic and CGT/T-Lev played very well. Definitely one of the highlights of the tour. You can see more photos and text from Tony Levin about this gig on the Papabear Website.

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