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Tribute To The Love Generation, Diaba, Japan, November 12th, 2000

A line of people waits to enter the venue!
Welcome To The Love Generation!

Entrance to the Love Generation club which is located in a new building owned by Sony, which is a huge entertainment center and mall next to Tokyo bay in a part of town called Diaba.

And We Proudly Present!...

The stage is set, everything is ready just before the doors open at the Love Generation. This is a beautiful new club with a great feel.

What a great new club, with a beautiful and functional interior!
Tony, Hideyo, and Bert get ready for the show, whilst Steve Ozark deals with the business end!
Gearing Up And Planning

Hideyo, Tony and Steve Ozark backstage at the Love Generation. Notice that Steve Ozark is busy working on his laptop. Steve was rarely to be seen without his laptop as he was busy working on booking future CGT shows.

A Generous Audience

A view from the stage at our first show in Japan at the Love Generation. Paul is taking the photos of the audience on this tour.

A great audience to open the tour!
Here's the rest of the crowd!
Japan Loves The CGT!

A very supportive audience for our first show. A great beginning to the tour.

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