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Martyrs', Chicago, IL., October, 1st, 2000

Welcome back to Martyrs'!

Martyrs' in Chicago. This is a great venue. Good sound equipment, very nice management and just the right size for the CGT

Sing-Along Time!

This is the venue where the audience really started singing along with Bohemian Rhapsody last April. Before then, we often had a few people in the back joining in, but at the show last April, the singing was louder than our guitars through the PA system. The singing wasn't bad tonight either.

Martyrs', home of singers, and CGT fans!
Wonderful crowd in Chicago!
Sitting Is Good!

There weren't quite as many people here tonight as there were when we played with T-Lev, buy many people commented after the show that they enjoyed being able to sit down as last time is was mostly standing room, with just a few chairs and tables. Tonight's show was one of the highlights of the tour. Great sound, great audience and homemade cakes waiting for us backstage.

Jazz Time!

After our set, legendary jazz guitarist Bobby Broom played with his Trio. Some of the best live jazz guitar we have ever heard.

Bobby Broom and his trio shake it up at Martyrs'!

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