California Guitar Trio
R O A D   C A M
Majestic Theater, Detroit, MI., September 30th, 2000

It's certainly majestic!
Big Venue!

At the Majestic Theater in Detroit.

Multitasking Band

They do bigger productions here, in fact, King Crimson will play this very stage in a few weeks. Paul, Hideyo and I were hauling our gear on the stage, setting up and tuning our guitars, like usual. The soundman came up and asked: "Where is the band?". I laughed and said: "That's us, we are our own roadie, guitar-tech, driver, roadmanager and merchandiser." -bert

Paul and Bert with an interesting painting behind them on stage.
Hideyo at the mic with Houdini looking on in the background...
CGT's Newest Fan?

The painting behind us is of the great Houdini. He performed his final act on this stage, received a fatal blow in the stomach and died in a hospital across the street.

Playing Art Critic...

Paul scrutinizes weird graffiti backstage.

Paul checks out the wall of graffiti.
The Majestic brings 'em in!
Big Theatre, Big Crowd!

We did an energetic performance tonight and thanks to the generous promotion of WDET radio we had a great audience with a lot of new people.

That Was Just 1/2 Of Them!

Here's the rest of the Majestic's wonderful crowd!

The Majestic rocks!
Libations abound!
A Few Sips With Friends

The Swidler Brothers (introduced to us by Tony Levin) brought some special Vodka for the CGT to try. This is Paul, Hideyo, Mark and Lee having a few sips at the hotel room after the Detroit show. The CGT is generally not a "party" band, but we always seem to make an exception for Mark and Lee.

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